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GHS Old Rock Gym

GHS Old Rock Gym

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Greenwood High School Old Rock Gym

Greenwood, AR : Completed September 2010


Award:  Honorable Mention for Excellence in Preservation through Restoration, by the Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas, 2011.
Award:  Excellence in Construction award in the category of Renovation/Restoration $1-5 Million by the Arkansas Associated Builders and Contractors, 2011.


The Works Progress Administration (WPA), established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was responsible for the building of the Old Rock Gym in 1938.  A long standing establishment in the town of Greenwood, the Old Rock Gym was used not only for school sports, but for town social gatherings as well. 

Before the team undertook the renovation in 2010, the gym was in a state of disrepair and had been replaced by a larger, newer gym several years before.  A complete renovation to the gym restored the original beauty to the structure and the Old Rock Gym was added to the National Register of Historic Places.  The project included an extensive rehabilitation of the entire building, restoring the appearance as close as possible to the original design.  The additions from prior years were removed, masonry repointed and sealed, new windows to replicate the original were installed, and the roof was replaced completely.  The original wood floor of the gym was restored and the wood trusses and columns sanded and painted.  Replicated wood wainscoting and restored original wooden bleachers complete the historic interior.  The energy efficiency of the building was improved with a furred out exterior wall, energy efficient windows and glazing, and new roof insulation.  A new electric and mechanical system modernized the building to today’s standards.